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WILLIAM VON" HUMBOLDT.                   43 J
library in Berlin* To it lie left all his philological
manuscripts and valuable autographs, beside all his un-
finished works on this field, with the condition that
they should be accessible to all students. Besides
this, he left to it a large collection of rare books,
of which he has made a separate list The impor-
tance of this legacy to the royal library may be de-
duced from the fact that Humboldt, having long de-
termined to leave these books to the library, had
been collecting the works it wanted in this depart-
ment, so that it was perfected by his means.
His collected works are being published under the
direction of Alexander von Humboldt, assisted by
Dr. CL Brandes, and have partly appeared. Some of
his correspondence has also been published, including
his letters to a friend, which have been translated,
and these splendid specimens lead us to hope that
others will follow.
And thus we take leave of this pillar of German
intelligence, the companion of the greatest men whom
the literature of the country has produced. We take
leave of him with grateful and joyful feelings, for
he was an encouraging and exalted pattern to his fel-
low men. Huroboldt may justly be taken as a pattern
of the depth and diversity of the German mind,, and
as the promise of a richer future for the German
nation. He stands like the representative of the
change from spirit to life,, from idea to reality., in
which the German mind is engaged, for he was piif
of the first and ablest who took this step. He
io the past, advanced baldly forward, and t>ut
ia humanity and his country.